We are an organisation which has been online since 1998 through our current events and secret history magazine Flame.

When we started it, we were labelled 'conspiracists'; now it is common knowledge that our 'leaders' have lied to us, manipulated us and engaged in conspiracies to remove long-fought-for freedoms and civil rights; to maintain their power, increase their wealth and reduce us to financial, mental and spiritual poverty .

As the man said 'The price of freedom is eternal vigilance', and Flame intends to carry our light into the darkness with all the others out there, not wanting to live on our knees for ever, blind with the ignorance of consumerist banality and 'acceptance'.

The archives can still be found at, and the upcoming issue (Summer 2006) is under construction as you read this - the news is changing so fast at the moment, we are re-writing constantly.

We have also been involved in the music scene of South London since 1990 and have a site here which contains much local material, as well as covering music and film from around the globe and beyond.

We welcome contributors writing relevant articles for either site; or just an e-mail responding to what you find on our pages.

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